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Missoula, Montana

Here are a few sites in, around, or about Missoula.

 Schools, Libraries, and University   Missoula County Public Schools,    Missoula Public Libraries,   University of Montana

Churches  82 Churches in the Missoula Area

History   Fort Missoula,   Garnet Ghost Town,   The Lewis and Clark Expedition (by Harry Fritz)                      

Civic Items   City of Missoula,   Missoula County,    MSO  The Missoula International Airport

 Maps   Missoula County tax information,   PDF map of Missoula  (1.3 MB),   Other maps of Missoula

Webcams   U of Montana Grizcam,  Missoula County,   Airport,  The Missoulian,

Music   UM Opera Theater,  Missoula Community Concert Band  Missoula City Band


 The Art Museum of Missoula Montana,   Missoula Children's Theatre,   Children's Museum of Missoula,   KUFM Montana Public Radio

 Missoula Federal Credit Union ,  Missoula.com ,   The Missoulian Newspaper

 National Weather Service - Missoula


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Created 21 October, 2001

Last revised 12/14/2013